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Privacy Policy


  • Welcome to eMoment’s (hereinafter referred to as “Admin”, “We”, “Our”, “Us”) website (hereinafter referred to as “site”). 

  • We are happy to host you on our site and extend a warm welcome. To maintain decorum while surfing the site, we request you to abide by some rules and regulations. By using the site you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions mentioned in this document.

  • By agreeing to the terms you represent that you are above age and can be legally pursued if any case of malpractice comes to our notice. User’s below 18 years of age may use the platform with express permission from their parents/guardians. Breach of these terms will result in a permanent ban from the site.


  • This Terms of Use is not absolute and can be changed without any prior notice.


  1. The Admin is not responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the user’s account and password. It is the sole responsibility of the user to keep his/her password and account protected.

  2. All the activities performed by the account are to be directly linked with the creator of the account. This includes comments and ratings given on products.

  3. The user agrees not to provide untrue information regarding the credentials of the user. If any such case is found where the user has provided untrue information, then the Admin holds the right to ban the user from conducting future transactions on the site without informing the user.

  4. If any untrue information is found then the losses in goodwill or sales that occur in the transaction are to be borne by the user.

  5. If in any case, the user thinks that his/her privacy is compromised, then they should raise an issue with the Admin regarding the same to solve the threat as soon as possible.

Accuracy of Information

  1. The information on products is true to the Admin’s knowledge. However, discrepancies may arise from time to time. Information regarding products on the site may change without any prior notice.

  2. Sometimes the color of the actual product may vary from the color shown in the images on the site. This is completely dependent on your Computer System being able to accurately show those colors.

Disclaimer for Data Protection

  1. The data submitted by the user for the account creation process is to be treated by the Admin as strictly confidential.

  2. The information provided is stored in devices with a high level of security.

  3. If there is any objection from the User's side in using the site, then the User should refrain from using it.

  4. If a merger or acquisition takes place, then the data will be shared with the other company coming in to do business.

  5. If any User has any problems with sharing of data after merger or acquisition, then they can contact us @

  6. The company will also follow privacy terms and conditions agreed upon by the Admin.

Terms of Sale

  1. After the User surfs the site of the Admin, the User can buy products by adding them to the shopping cart.

  2. The User can specify the quantity, customize the product, add the product to the wishlist and add products to compare.

  3. The User can take the decision to buy after going through the description of the product, specifications, and reviews.

  4. After deciding on which product to buy, the User will have to provide information regarding the delivery of the product. This includes information regarding the address, pin code, mobile number for contact purposes, and email ID for sending the invoice. 

  5. The information provided should be exact to avoid errors in delivery. If the User has submitted the wrong information, they can request a change by sending an email to However, a continuous supply of wrong information will not be tolerated and will result in termination from the platform.

  6. If in case the User is underage, then a parent/guardian should be present with them during the entire process to avoid complications of any kind.

  7. If a product is unavailable for delivery, then the Admin will notify the User through any mode of communication deemed suitable.

  8. No return and refund for beauty care products or personal hygiene products or for lingeries or inner wears except for cases of manufacturing defects.

Payment Terms

  1. Admin has partnered with PayUMoney, Instamojo, Razorpay and Strip to accept payment through online mode. 

  2. The site accepts payment via online as well as COD (Cash On Delivery).

  3. Personalized and customized products when ordered need to be paid via online mode only.

  4. If any refund is to be processed, then the amount paid by the customer will be refunded to their bank account or customer emoment wallet as per the preference of the customer.

  5. The shipping charges of a product may depend on the weight and dimensions of the product being shipped.

  6. Users opting for COD, they have to keep the exact change at the time of delivery.

Delivery Terms and Conditions

  1. After an order has been placed, the User will receive the order within the mentioned number of days.

  2. If there is any delay in order delivery then the Admin will ask the 3PL to intimate the User regarding the same.

  3. The shipping cost depends on the size and weight of the product as mentioned earlier.

  4. The User needs to sign upon receiving the delivery and pay if opted for Cash On Delivery.

  5. If the User is unavailable for signing during delivery, then family or relative may receive that product on the User’s behalf.

  6. If a product is damaged, the User has to register a complaint at

  7. The User can record an unboxing video of the package right after its delivery and keep it for future use. If any kind of manufacturing defects are present on the product, then the user can register a complaint with the Admin and show the video as proof.

Warranty on Products

  1. is not responsible for warranties on products present on the site. 

  2. If the package is not in good condition, then the user needs to register a complaint with us regarding the issue.

Intellectual Property Rights

By browsing the site of the Admin, the user gets access to the functionalities of the site. This is not a type of license and if there is any kind of fraud done by the User on the Admin’s site, then the User will be banned by the Admin.

The Admin holds the rights to its own Intellectual Property and this cannot be used by the User or any other party without prior acknowledgment from the Admin.

Disclaimer of Liability

The Admin and its EEP are not to be liable to any party for any mistakes, technical errors, malware attacks, delays in transmission if any, failure in proper communication, destruction of goods, theft of user information, loss of goodwill or failure to use Admin’s site and any of its features.



Termination Policy

User’s account can be banned if the User violates the following terms - 

  • Publish the Admin site’s logo and pictures on other platforms without Admin’s permission.

  • Publicize the site’s functionalities without any permission.

  • Using the site in any way which affects the brand image of the site, affects the functioning of the site or goes against the rules and regulations of the law.

  • Extract data, or do anything of the same sort while using the site.

  • If the user tries to do any kind of fraudulent activity (fake ordering and canceling).

  • Harass or Demean any person

Disclaimer of Discounted Products

  1. Discounts on products are available for a limited time only.

  2. The number of products on which discount is applicable is also limited.

  3. In the case of discounted products, the refund will be done after deducting the coupon amount from it.

  4. The discount on a product solely depends on the Seller. The Admin will contact the Seller in case of adding discounts to a particular product.

Settlement of Disputes

Both parties involved in the contract shall try to reach a settlement through negotiation and mutual agreement. No third party shall be involved in the dispute between both parties.

In case the matter remains unsolved and negotiations fail, then the parties involved have the right to seek legal counsel. All the legal affairs are to be settled as per the ruling of the High Court of Odisha.


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