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Refer and Earn


Here’s a chance to fulfil your dreams of Entrepreneurship.

Refer and Recommend your favourite products;

And earn just by sitting at home!

It’s time to get started with Emoment Entrepreneurship Program (EEP).

How do EEP works?

Step 1: Make your first buy to generate your referral code.

Step 2: Register to and sign up as an Emoment Entrepreneurship Program.

Step 3: Talk about your favourite product.

             Whether through a blog, video or social media, talk and promote your favourite products to help entrepreneurs start and scale their dreams with EEP.

Step 4: Become an entrepreneur and earn in no time.

Why EEP?

Benefits of Direct Commission: has brought an excellent opportunity for its EEP to earn a handsome amount from their performance. At, every iota of hard work is rewarded and acknowledged. Therefore, offers a whopping 60% of the profit margin as  direct Commission on the amount of sales made.

Performance Bonus: 

At the opportunity to earn from EEP marketing is just not limited to the direct commission. The bigger the branch of EEP grows, the more symbiotic the process of profit-sharing becomes. 

Recurring Bonus: 

Enjoy the opportunity of earning at cause promises lump-sum income for its EEP. A recurring bonus is awarded for every purchase made through the referral suggested by the EEP in a year which is 2% of the purchase amount, followed by 1% of the purchase amount in the second year.

New Seller Initiative: encourages and celebrates every product on-boarded. An exciting offer for our sellers who can also earn through EEP marketing. A seller would be entitled to make a bonus i.e. 1% of the revenue earned from the seller in 6 months, on getting sellers listed in the website through referral. 

Free Training & Vacations: 

EEP will be trained from time to time to visit different seminars at different locations, both online and offline. A bonus of vacations will be awarded to the best performing EEP.


Frequently Asked Questions:-

Q. What is the Emoment Entrepreneurship Program? What are its benefits?

Ans. core model of functioning lies in EEP marketing integrated with its entrepreneurship program that gives the option of a constant source of income for the EEP and an opportunity to be entrepreneurs and enhance their income level.

For example, suppose you are a content creator of a healthcare items blog. In that case, you can choose to advertise popular (precomputed) or curated healthcare tools from on your blog to your customers. Your customers get quick access to a collection of curated or automatically suggested products, and you make a commission when your customers purchase while clicking on those links. These links can be used on social media as well as blogs.

Q. What are the criteria for being an Emoment Entrepreneurship Program?

Ans. If you are an individual blogger/influencer/content creator with a social media page to promote products, you can be a part of the Emoment Entrepreneurship Program.

Q.What is the payment cycle?

Ans. We count the payment cycle from the first to last day of each month.

         You will receive a detailed email with the number of orders, revenue and final commission, and bonuses by the end of the said month + 45 days.

         15-20 days later, the amount will be credited to your account.


Q. How long do commissions last?

Ans. Unless otherwise stated, commissions last for the lifetime of the account.


Q. Who can I contact for more information on the Emoment Entrepreneurship Program?

Ans. You can contact our customer support team at