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About Us

It all started in 2019 and came live in 2020 when the whole world was dealing with the pandemic COVID-19. Amidst this intense situation, a young entrepreneur emerged with a vision to do something for his country and provide employment to his country's people. Founder and CEO Prasantha Kumar Sahoo came up with an idea of social e-commerce and started with a team of 5 people and merely 20 products. He named his website Emoment India Pvt. Ltd., which aims to make every moment unique and memorable.

Emoment India Pvt. Ltd. is a multi-category product and service discovery platform that provides a one-stop solution for all your needs. Presently, the Company is headquartered in Bhubaneswar and serves customers PAN India. In the near future, it is planning to open its branches in Bangalore and New Delhi. Today, the Company has over 20 employees who work tirelessly to make you feel special when you come to our platform and over 30,000 products for you all. Embracing the global market, the Company will open its first overseas branch in Tokyo, Japan, and plan to expand its operation in other parts of Asia, including India, Singapore, and the Philippines. The range of products is chosen after thorough research, keeping the consumers in mind so that our customers do not feel cheated and get what they deserve.

We intend to be the most admired customer-centric platform where people can find and discover anything they want to buy and provide our customers with the best online shopping experience. We aim to build a community sustained by trust and inspired by the opportunity.


We strive to offer our customers the lowest possible prices and the utmost convenience to make their every day memorable and unique. We aim to build upon millions of customer's trust and smile.

Our Ethos

Ethos, by definition, is a Greek word that means the underlying sentiment that forms the basis of beliefs, customs & practices of a group or a society. It brings consistency and transparency in our actions and helps us in decision making even in challenging situations with better clarity. It is like that guiding light that shows us the correct path and action in the dark and helps us measure our progress and your relationship with us. 
We have 3Cs as our Ethos at work. These are like our muse or better to be termed as our DNA upon which we work to make our market and approach right.


We at Emoment India Pvt. Ltd. pro-actively work in close partnership with our customers and EEP marketing consultants to ensure that the consistency and quality of services and products are maintained through clear communication lines. We believe in transparency, and therefore we make sure that our customers and EEP marketing consultants get information in crystal clear form through communication.
Emoment India Pvt. Ltd. has a strong track record of interacting with our EEP marketing consultants, consumers, and sellers to make them feel important, and we are always approachable. People and their efforts and emotions matter a lot at, therefore we aim to provide high-quality landscaping for our customers, their consultants, and the surrounding communities, which will assist businesses to succeed, grow, and people to thrive.
Continuous Improvement 
Kaizen, a Japanese word that says "improvement" (kai – "change" – zen "good"), is an ongoing effort to improve products, services, or processes by implementing relatively smaller changes that will have a significant effect in the long run.

Emoment India Pvt. Ltd. continuously strives to find new ways and methods to improve the quality of customer experience and productivity of the product range that could bring savings with respect to cost.
 "The biggest room in the world is room for improvement." – Helmut Schmidt. Therefore we firmly believe that one can only create a long-lasting impression by their persona. Hence we work closely with our customers and EEP marketing consultants and look for the opportunity to improve ourselves. All of us need to be "persistent" in our approach to every problem/task - it doesn't matter how big or small – behind every giant leap, there's a hope of success and room for improvement. After all, the only constant in the whole world is 'change' driven by continuous improvement.


Customer service is an integral part of the business. Each customer is a source of learning and happiness for us. Whatever we do, we do it for our end customers. If he/she doesn't benefit, none of it matters to us!
Customers are at the center of everything we do. Our EEP marketing consultants, our employees, and our suppliers work as 'one' team partnerships of shared goals to set new standards of customer experience with our products and services.

Communication. Continuous improvement. Customer-Centric. – that's our Ethos.

Everything we think, we do, we focus on, is guided by this 3C. In other words, we believe communication and continuous improvement is essential in everything you do; we do it quickly, and we focus on consumers.

*EEP: Emoment Entrepreneurship Program.

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