Are you planning to start an apparel e-commerce business in India? Not surprisingly, why!

Smart entrepreneurs have determined the popularity of e-commerce niche markets. For beginners and professional e-commerce entrepreneurs, selling clothing online is a popular choice. Clothes are no longer a basic necessity. Indeed, they have universal appeal and are easy to customize.

However, just because the niche market is popular and profitable does not mean you will succeed immediately. As it becomes more and more popular, so does the competition. Every other day, there will be an online store. You must make sure that your store stands out among millions of stores. In order to ensure the same effect, it is essential that you launch high-quality products, customize your own clothes and establish an effective brand image.

If you are new to the e-commerce industry, or want to add clothing and apparel to your online store, then this is your ideal choice! In this blog, we will guide you through the steps that must be considered for a successful apparel e-commerce business.

#1 find a niche

When you start opening a clothing e-commerce store, it may be useful to find a niche for your business. Since e-commerce is a competitive arena, finding a niche for yourself can help you stand out. For example, if you create a truly unique shirt dress or T-shirt in terms of price range or design, the chances of success will be very high.

Key takeaway: Before creating a niche store, it is crucial to take the time, research your ideas, and find out-of-the-box or untapped markets. When there is little competition, it is easier to step on one foot. It can also be a cheaper option!

#2. purchase

Procurement is one of the most important prerequisites for starting an online e-commerce business. The reason why people buy or not buy online stores is usually the quality of their products. Therefore, before starting, please take some time and determine where to source clothing materials. It is best to purchase high-quality clothing, as this can provide an excellent customer experience.

Key point: If your product is of low quality or torn after one or two cleanings, it will leave a bad brand image for your customers. This will reduce the frequency of purchases, which is something you obviously want to avoid.

#3. Design your clothes

If your product has an outstanding unique design, then you will stay ahead. Your products will lay a solid foundation for your e-commerce business. Try to be creative. Try to create various themed clothing. You can choose a theme for your online store. Find a design that suits your brand.

Various brands such as W, Bewakoof, Chumbak, etc. stand out because of their unique designs.

Key takeaway: If you are not confident in creating something different, you can seek help from a local designer. In addition, you can take advantage of the help of online platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr to get unique ideas from freelancers around the world. Such a platform helps to obtain high-quality designs at reasonable prices.

#4. Customize your clothes

CX takes hours. Customers often find problems when choosing the right size according to their body shape. If you provide customers with customized sizes and designs, you can improve customer satisfaction. Before sending the garment, you can also ask the customer for confirmation via email. They may point out some important changes that may help you in the long run.

Key takeaway: Cultivate a culture around your brand. For example, an oversized woman is not satisfied with the size selection. If you can provide a larger size according to your body shape, she will be very happy. Custom clothes will establish contact with them. She may come back to buy more things from your clothing store.

#5. Payment gateway

As an e-commerce seller, you must keep in mind the importance of a secure payment gateway and its impact on your business. A secure payment gateway protects the customer’s credit card details. There are multiple payment gateways, such as Paytm, Paypal, RazorPay, etc. Keep in mind the convenience of customers and the requirements of the store, and choose a payment gateway.

Highlights: By using a secure payment gateway, you can reduce the frequency and severity of credit card fraud. Before choosing a payment gateway, please pay attention to its service cost, virtual terminal, service agreement and appropriate payment process.

#6. Find the right logistics partner

Delivery can establish or disrupt the relationship that e-commerce sellers are trying to establish with customers. The biggest pain point of e-commerce sellers is finding reliable logistics partners. Although the product is good and the price is competitive, if the clothing delivery does not meet the requirements, you can still easily lose customers.

Key introduction: In order to simplify the entire transportation process, it is recommended that you use an express aggregator like Shiprocket. The express aggregator can provide a variety of express options according to the needs of your store to help you worry-free delivery. It uses its express delivery recommendation engine to help you choose the most suitable express partner. It is recommended that you choose a courier partner based on various indicators (such as cost, return order management, reviews, ratings, and passwords).

#7. Bottom line

When opening a clothing store, you need to find a balance between quality, production costs and profit. No one can guarantee the success or failure of a business. Take a moment to search for unknown components. Look for competitors. Look for new methods such as influencer marketing and social media marketing to connect with more audiences.

Be passionate, create themes, customize clothing and keep low costs. I wish you a happy sale!